Sick and without papers?    (For more information)

Krank und ohne Papiere?    (Für mehr Informationen)

Malade et sans papiers?    (Pour plus d’informations)

Enfermo y sin papeles?    (Para más información)

     (مريض ولا تملك المستندات اللازمة للعلاج؟     (لمزيد من المعلومات

MediNetz Aachen e.V. is a registered association for people regardless of residence title or health insurance which provides medical counselling and a connection to doctors in order to guarantee appropriate health care in case of sickness. MediNetz Aachen e.V. was founded in June 2015.

As a non-profit association, but primarily as an initiave of interested volunteers, we want to commit ourselves to medical care for people without residence title or health insurance.

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